Seven Oaks SC

Seven Oaks SC

Exploring Seven Oaks SC

Seven Oaks is a suburb of Columbia SC with a population of roughly 15 thousand people and is considered one of the safest and best communities to live in within the surrounding area. It is home to several outdoor parks and recreation facilities, delicious restaurants and shopping centers, as well as the popular amusement park, Frankie’s Fun Park. 

Because this community is easily accessible off of Interstate 26, it is often a fun stop for interstate and local tourists looking to recuperate or relax in the calm environment that Seven Oaks has to offer.

Seven Oaks Park
A brief history of Seven Oaks SC

A Brief History of Seven Oaks SC

Seven Oaks SC sits on the northern bank of the Saluda River, an area that had been inhabited by Native Americans for centuries prior to European settlement. During the 1600’s central South Carolina gained popularity as a hub for fur trading and eventually industry.

As the city of Columbia grew, the area of residency expanded and in the early 20th century, the US Army designated Columbia as a site for Camp Jackson. This resulted in an inundation of young families, requiring further expansion of the city and development of new suburbs.

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Restoration Services in Seven Oaks

If you live in Seven Oaks SC and your property is impacted by water damage, fire damage, or mold damage, it’s important that you act quickly in order to minimize the damage. If left untreated, these damages will get much worse with time, costing you far more money in the restoration process, as well as potentially jeopardizing your ability to receive full coverage from your insurance provider.

First Response offers emergency response services to Seven Oaks and the surrounding area of Columbia SC. We guarantee a 1-hour or less response time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you notice water damage, or fire damage, or any mold, call First Response immediately and we will send an expert to your property to begin the restoration process.

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